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One-on-One Training

Private in-person sessions are limited and only offered after an in-person consultation which asses your specific needs, goals, location and schedule. If you feel you need private in-person sessions, please contact me directly by clicking here.

Unleash the Self-Belief is a 12-week online course, which uses the Beyond Fitness Client Success System™ to guarantee remarkable improvements in the areas of fitness, body-image and self-confidence.

Unleash the Self-Belief is completely customized for each individual. So, you will always get your own, very personalized experience.

If you..
  • are fed up with how you feel
  • have no energy
  • are lacking motivation
  • aren't comfortable with the direction your life is going in
...and want to do something about it, this is the program for you!
This course includes:
📍Personalized Training Program 🏋️‍♀️
📍Daily Accountability 💬📲
📍Weekly Video Calls 📞
📍Exercise Demo Videos 🏋🏾📼
📍Personalized Meal Plan 🍽📆
📍Healthy Snack List 🥝📄🍌
📍Easy-to-Follow Recipes 🥘
📍Restaurant Hack Guide 🍽️
📍Motivational Videos 📼 ❤️
📍Positivity Coaching 🙂✌️🏼
📍Love ♥️