Want to find out if Herbalife is right for you?

Discover how you can start losing weight with an Herbalife Nutrition program, personalized support, accountability, and mindset training! Let's see if we work well together! Each trial pack includes 6 packets of Formula 1 + PDM On The Go, along with your choice of either 2 packets of our Total Control® (3 tablets per packet), OR 2 packets of our Herbal Tea Concentrate (3 servings per packet).

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These basic programs include the products used in your 3-Day Trial.


Are you ready to take your Weight Loss Journey to the NEXT LEVEL?

These programs include the same products used in your 3-Day Trial, but with an added bonus to get you results as quickly as possible!

  1. Cell-U-Loss - Support the healthy elimination of water while balancing your electrolytes with minerals.
  2. Prolessa Duo - Stimulant-free, dual-action formula that helps control hunger and decrease body fat.



New Mom Nutrition Program!

As a mom, I know how difficult it can be finding time to meal prep, track calories & exercise, while also managing a household. With this program, you can expect an increase in energy and mental clarity, while also taking care of your postpartum body! All products are safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Maintain Lean Muscle while Burning Fat!


This 30-Day Program Includes:

Formula 1 Healthy Meal
Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength
Total Control

Nutrition for the 24-Hour Athlete


This 30-Day Program Includes:

Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport
Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength
Herbalife24 CR7 Drive
Herbalife24 Restore

Diet Support Kit

Herbalife isn't JUST shakes!


Support your healthy diet and fuel your body with exactly what it needs for properly absorbing nutrients, stimulating metabolism, and decreasing fat.

This 30-Day Program Includes:

Prolessa Duo
Total Control
Herbal Aloe