Beyond Fitness uses a very detailed 4-step framework called the Client Success System to guarantee each client's consistent progression toward improving their fitness level, increasing self-confidence and healing body-image.
Upon completion of the program, my goal is for each client to have the knowledge and tools required to continue on their journey, as well as the unshakable confidence and genuine belief that they do have the ability to accomplish the goals they set out for themselves.

My belief is that getting the results you desire requires more than just a fitness routine and proper nutrition. I designed this system to ensure that my clients have the mental strength required to accomplish their goals.

The Client Success System phases are as follows:


Phase One - Creating realistic routines & finding your purpose.

Phase Two - Building your support system & tracking your progress. 

Phase Three - Improving body-image & building self-confidence.

Phase Four - Committing to your pledge & choosing your reality.